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Specialising in Conveyancing, Compliance, Commercial and Family law as well as Trust Services.

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Performing with purpose means we are a solution-driven firm with a focus on strategic needs output.

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We believe in practical expert advice. Contact us to discuss any law or compliance related matters. 

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Marais Pacitti Attorneys

Esri Marais and Gabriella Pacitti were introduced to one another through a number of private law related matters.  In working together over a number of years Marais and Pacitti realised that not only did they share an interest in private law focused matters, but also that they shared values linked to a professional client services firm and, in particular, to practice with a performance-driven purpose. To this end, they both decided to relinquish their previous senior positions at Cape Town based law firms to pursue a common goal: to practice in private law together with a joint mandate to execute their briefs with purpose and diligence. Marais Pacitti Attorneys has been established as a law firm in Cape Town to focus on the needs of its clients and to do so on a value and solutions based mandate.

Practice Areas


Property Law

Labour Law

Family Law

Commercial Law

Contract Drafting

Trust Administration Services

B-BBEE Advisor

Estate Planning

Commercial litigation


Alternative Dispute Resolution


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